Testing on a scaled model


A scaled model (1:50) of the three-bladed turbine (the reference one, modelled, analyzed and simulated in WP C) will be realized.

The model will be able to control the pitch of each blade (individual pitch control).

The mechanical power captured by the rotor will drive a PMG (permanent magnet generator); the electric power production will be monitored and managed using a variable resistance. Wind tunnel (property of UniPG) will be used to perform a wide tests campaign on the physical model.

The variable wind flow will be generated on a large time scale controlling the inverter of the wind tunnel fan and on a small time scale mounting upstream to the WT model a long horizontal blade cyclically pitched in order to generate vortex and all possible realistic transient conditions.

The main goal of the experimental campaign is to test and validate the control strategies in term of efficiency in responding to variable speed and capability to relieve dynamic loads. Also the structural behaviour of the system (i.e. vibrations) and the stress state of the components (i.e. blades) will be monitored to tune the numerical models with the physical one.